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Lawyer James

Im sorry that you cant hear the music.

Who am I


My Experience

  •  Sales/Marketing - 17 Years
  •  Motivational Speaking - 16 Years
  •  Management - 17 Years

The only thing impossible is impossibility. As a person, I am versatile in my ways. To my family, I am a provider, protector and a perfectionist. To everyone else, I am a man of many words. I use my calling to do what others won't do, in order to have what others won't have.

Education & Experience

As a graduate of the Hard Knocks, I have used my educational knowledge to revolutionize my sales, motivational speaking and business management skills. I have worked with some of the finest business-minded individuals known to the Atlanta area.

Entrepreneur Moves

Mind you, I am a surviving entrepreneur with a hunger for innovation and growth. I have been developing businesses for the last 12 years and my personal companies include a sales campaign firm, a mentoring company for entrepreneurs and upcoming professionals, and a business improvement solutions company.

Let's Team Up

My services are available for both the personal and professional platforms. Contact me to further discuss what I can do for you, your company or your team...

  • Design

    Lawyer James on design

    For any portfolio, wordpress, personal or business websites, feel free to contact Brand Red for some pretty reasonable rates.

  • Training

    Lawyer James on training

    If you want to work on your interpersonal skills, communication skills, people skills, social skills, and more - enroll in my training by visiting Career Academy.

  • Coaching

    Lawyer James on coaching

    If you want to work on your image, your dress code, body language and the way you carry yourself, I'm available. Also, if you need a résumé written visit BrandRed Resume.

  • Speaking

    Lawyer James on motivational speaking

    If you're looking for a speaker for an event, book me to host or to be a part of your events, functions and special occasions.

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